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About the production cycle of the product

About the production cycle of the product 1.After receiving the deposit, the production cycle of conventional color products is generally 15-     25 working days.2.After receiving the deposit and confirming the color board, the production cycle of special color     products is generally 45 working days.


MATERIAL & FINISH The 02 family of operators, engineered to incorporate all of the core material character of 01 series, such as zinc cast and hardened steel gear arms, and has its integrated look by removable "snap-fit' cover and full-flip folding handle design.It is getting easier for manufacture to stock only noncolor operators and quickly choose different color cover for different requirement. 02 family Dual Arm, Dyad and awning operator is based on maxim mechanicals, provides largewindow operation.

SMO mainly produces products

SMO mainly produces products 1.General European standard profile doors and Windows hardware 2.American hand door and window hardware 3.Custom hardware.According to customer's request to produce customer's hardware

Advantages of SMO hand window opener

 Advantages of SMO hand window opener 1.SMO has its own factories in China.We have natural production advantages and research and development technology.Let the customer face the factory, reduce the middleman's cost difference. 2.SMO has its own technical research and development team, which can help customers solve the hardware configuration of various profiles. 3.SMO has a strong after-sales service team and is good at solving customer problems.